It's All About Power

By Former Medina Police Officers

Darrell Graf and Steve Schnabel

"There are many problems in America today. It's All About Power is a stimulating account of the disaster at Medina, N.D. in 1983 which was the first in a series of similar shocking events that have rocked our nation. I would highly recommend everyone from politicians to distressed farmers and government agents to militia members read and learn from this fabulous book!"
--Senator John DeCamp, Lincoln, NE

"The authors...have dealt with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for the past 16 years. This text should be a significant contribution to the education of other law enforcement officers."
--Dr. Allen Koss, PhD, Sitting Bull College, Ft. Yates, N.D.

"This book is a compelling 'must read' for students of North Dakota history. The book puts Gordon Kahl's actions in the context of the farm crisis of the early 1980s. The mentality and anger then are informative now as we enter another period of foreclosures and bankruptcies in the Midwest. The book also protrays a searing account of the mistakes that were made, the betrayal and blame within the ranks of law enforcement and the long-lasting effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder on the officers. It is unsettling to read this book. It shakes the credibility of official accounts of the tragedy and invokes the specter of abuse of power, deceit, and cover-up."
--Dr. Val Farmer, Farm Psychologist

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